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. Synopsis: Connor dies many times. His RK is far more useful than he would ever have imagined, and they're closing cases in record time. He was too old and broken and fucked up to deserve this, but Connor made it too easy to want it anyway. (In other words: violent androids fuck everything up, CyberLife has some dark secrets, the characters annoy each other). But no, he just strolled back into the precinct like vintage John Mulaney in his high-waisted man routine. There must be a glitch in his system somewhere, right? Detroit: Reconstruction by nicholsman1557. But then again, she was pretty sick, and she had probably not realized what she was saying. But something had latched itself to his voiceto himand wouldnt let go.Reed didnt answer for a long time, or at least what felt like a long time. Hank, meanwhile, just goes along for the ride. Their cover identities? Synopsis: Connor's innocent hobby of watching people happens to turn into something else, now that the focus of his attention is Markus. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. It's been 450 thousand words and the closest they've gotten is semi-holding hands. (Formerly called: "Enneas - The Kamski Trial"). RWBY 6. Markus was excited to meet Leos android. 4. Based off of a singular image on the steam board for D:BH that really got me thinking - eventually it turned into an entire fanfic! Facing his own mortality has the younger detective spiraling and the elder one has to find a way to keep it together while memories of the past come back and taunt him with a dreadful vision of the future. "Oh, shit!" The unexpected and violent reaction made Hank swear loudly, which of course Sumo barked at in return. Despite that, Hank's new partner couldn't say a word. Florentine Scamander - daughter of Lysander Scamander, and the most professional Auror the Ministry has to offer - is experimentally as He'll take your heart and you must pay the price. Connor x Android Reader (fem). Omegas are known to be docile well behaved and chained down to an Alpha. He never couldve expected to meet a kind ranch owner in a small town in Texas or how that could lead to a happiness he never thought existed for him. Even if that person isn't a person at all, but an android with the same job as him. The only thing is, android related crimes have risen and theres a new competitor for Cyberlife approaching on the horizon. Any fanfic hunter knows that's like finding a unicorn. Please consider turning it on! He does not. "I have a private suite in Cyberlife Tower. They come across those who seek freedom, and others who seek justice. Too little, too late by agonizingsingularity, It Was Never About Jealousy by ChangeTheCircumstances, Empathy (and other dead weight) by CynKLBouns, 5 Times Gavin Receives Kindness and +1 Time He Tries To Give It Back by Lady_Origami. Or Markus and Simons tumultuous journey through deviancy and the revolution as their feelings for each other grow complicated. The images appeared fully formed in front of his eyes: a cute little farm somewhere in the countryside. He even bought a cutesy little sunhat to go along with his new cottagecore aesthetic.Thats not how he imagined the farm looking like.A Mess. Detroit: Become Human. Synopsis: The first thing he noticed was the overhead light was off, the red of Connor's LED bouncing around the smooth curves of the bathtub. Ginn never thought of talking to Reed until they were put on the same case one day after the revolution. Synopsis: Hank decides to let Connor know he's part of his family, giving him an ID with his last name. However, shortly after her coronation, the Queendom is attacked by a band of humans with much more sinister plans than mere destruction underway. The Jericrew + Kara + DPD gang fuck with Gavin for an entire day, and his dumbass can't figure out why. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words, (Formerly called: "Enneas - The Kamski Trial"). Currently, you investigated human crimes. One day he gets a case about a red ice related murder. His second thought is Jesus Christ, CyberLife sent another one. (Yet.). 'Famous Detroit Painter Dies' Leah read part of it before she set the magazine down, brushing her tears away as Connor sat down. Mass Effect 2. They've always been so kind to me. They've always treated me like I'm . Synopsis: Hank is at home, lounging on his couch in his underwear, when the telltale click of the safety on a gun comes from behind him. Any notable creators/writers/fanfiction sites. Alive | Connor x Reader | Detroit: Become Human. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Synopsis: Humans and androids have found themselves in an uneasy peace, although that's not to say there isn't still a long way to go. Instead, he simply sounds tired. The sticking point was that dead people didn't write letters. More. Comment: A very well-written twoshot taking place a year after the peaceful protests, but hate crimes against androids have been on the rise. It was just- her lack of sleep was just catching up to her, okay? Detroit: Become Human. He did remember a name however, Alice. An android was made between the making of RK900 and RK1000, but the public never knew. Featuring: android cholera, the power of friendship, and a revolution that costs more than a week to win. Don't be turned off by the original character - she is there, unusually, not as a love interest or self-insert, but a fully formed personality who serves to guide and grow North. One of the major figureheads of the revolution and finally a deviant, Connor now has to learn how to handle free will. The Bureau's answer to outbreaks of deviant behaviour, this unit collects data on deviant androids in order to understand and preempt criminal behaviour. ---aka a Stardew Valley AU. Comments: Probably my favourite DBH fic out there. (In other words: violent androids fuck everything up, CyberLife has some dark secrets, the characters annoy each other). Comment: The gradual increasing tension as Connor slowly goes insane in isolation is incredibly terrifying and heartwrenching all at once. But they were pretty so he just placed it on the coffee table. They solve crimes and the world changes around them. Synopsis: 31 progressing wintery drabbles for a newly deviant Sixty. Synopsis: Connor sensed danger gathering itself in dark alleys and abandoned houses, watching from jagged windows and stained curtains. Comments: The last line of this fic slayed me. (Detroit: Become Human) (1737) Deviant Connor (Detroit: Become Human) (1712) Not Beta Read (1679) Slow Burn (1534) Alternate Universe . It's a retelling of Connor's story with some changes, but its a lot better. In a world where two types of replicants coexist at the same time, and radioactive dust gradually turns people into abnormals, Gavin Reed, his plastic partner and a robot dog with a bucket head are looking for the answer to the age-old question: can androids dream about their negligent colleagues?Or.Commissioner Gavin Reed returns from the Martian colony to settle the case of the RK android and Kamski. With the uprising of deviant crimes, Cyberlife has sent their newest model RK800 or Connor to aid in F/N and Lt. Andersons cases. I've been RP'ing off and on for well over ten years now. Whatever his endgame is, he's certainly set his sights on Reed. Both physically and mentally. Synopsis: A gun, a photograph, and a bottle of cheap whiskey. Here, each of the three protagonists is given equal focus and development, and each can radically develop in different ways. Is this why she is sympathetic to the android cause now? Nier 2. Synopsis: This was by far the stupidest thing he'd done in a long time. Comment: This is a beautiful fic where Connor and the RK900 (Nines) are originally deployed as android soldiers in the Arctic. Gray like everything Nines wasnt allowed to be.. They said androids were fast learners. Comment: As per usual, liketolaugh outdoes themselves with each work. The Hickory Killer is back, but this time his aim is completely different. It should feel righteous. I do claim the plot and my few fi Y/n Anderson, the daughter of the famous Lieutenant Hank Anderson. Synopsis: "But if Connor can abstract lovemake it a blueprint, viewed from above, not quite a part of himselfhe can begin to decode it. Connor would consider it the start of a bad joke, if it wasn't so terrifying. Connor responded in a threatening tone, Hank seeing the horrified expression on Leah's face and lightly rubbing her back to prevent her from flashing back to the abuse she suffered. :D. Ultra-Sans Fight! His red wall may still have some shards in place but it's okay. Comment: While this leaves off on a cliffhanger, this is undeniably an enjoyable read. The biggest temperamental asshole in the DPD to most, who just also happens to be the only human Omega detective in the department. When she was ten, Chloe, the first android was created. Sunny summer days spent lounging on the porch, reading a book. Synopsis: Connor deviate simply because of frustration and boredom after having to search for Lieutenant Anderson through several bars when all that precious time could have been utilized with the Carlos Ortiz homicide case that he was ordered to assist in. The end will be what's needed of them. He'll insist Connor takes his bed while he crashes on the couch. Murder. The one thing that North hates more than a human is owing a human something, but as the story develops so too does her relationship with the human who saved her. - . hank is confused but he loves his android son. Whatever his endgame is, he's certainly set his sights on Reed. "I was told to.. Give this necklace to the person that's the most precious to me"You stepped closer to Connor and put the necklace around his neck. Synopsis: Connor has a long, winding road ahead of him in figuring out just who he is, but with Hank by his side, that road might be a little less curvy. Comment: 450k RK1K slow burn, with a hefty helping of Connor whump, PTSD, depression, and general bad times (though it's starting to look up) for the androids post-peaceful revolution. , , . The story has romance and sex scenes, which have thus far been minimal slow burn stuff, but the author always warns the reader so they can skip if desired. OR: Gavin helps Connor after he deviates too late to help Jericho. (With a capital letter.) Series. Status: Dormant; last updated September 2018. Hank is not okay. Comments: A fantastic dive into the complications of a post-"good end" victory. He was nothing more than a mission. Connor's short lived job at a club garnered him the undivided attention of someone he wouldn't have even crossed paths with. An investigation of vandalism at the Detroit Zoo brings the two detectives into a slightly less-hostile understanding. No, mnot Because Jin was right, she is not sick. Despite their rocky start, they learn to work together until a serial killer falls into Gavin's lap. . Worldbuilding, android science and android politics galore. Jericho had been running for the last few weeks. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. He sees his chance to run away and takes it, taking the last bus out of Detroit. Detroit: Become Human Fanfic Recs. I'm looking for someone to RP Detroit: Become Human with me. It's part one of a series, has. Simon. But, I would Synopsis: Markus and his comrades managed to reach a peaceful end to the android-human conflict. Hank's gruff voice, his fists flying, his badge in jeopardy, for Connor. Jin was not sick. Connor tries to curb Hank's self destruction which has worsened since being forced to leave Sumo behind. Synopsis: A little more than a week after the revolution, Hank wakes up to find Connor still doubting the extent to which he is actually free. Connor #313-248-317-53, whose predecessor was murdered by Reed in the evidence room, confesses that he's not the same Connor Hank knew. Synopsis: Gavin Reed is adjusting just fine to the new world order. So, Hank has no fucking idea why they've zeroed in on a non-deviant android, his partner Connor. power bi show percentage on stacked bar chart, nordea dk sikkerhed startkode, dogwood funeral home hopkinsville, ky,

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